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Is a percussion quartett formed by Miguel Angel Garcia Martin, Victor Barcelo, Brian Archinal and Bastian Pfefferli. They work with different renown composers of todays contemporary music. Such as Michael Maierhof, Simon Steen-Andersen, Alex Buess, Jürg Frey and others. They played at Festivals in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Israel, Spain and others.




Shatterhand & Bushmill Orchestra

The Pianist Demetre Gamsachurdia and Bastian Pfefferli focus on unusual performance forms including contemporary music and mainly contemporary musictheatre. Theire repertoire consist of big works such as "Drama" by Vinko Globokar or "Cellule 75" from Luc Ferrari. Further they play pieces by Tom Johnson, Benjamin Helmer, Georges Aperghis and others.




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